Life as a child.

I look back at my life and feel so unsatisfied.

I wish i had more fun as a child growing up.

Because if i knew what i know now and all the responsibilities that come with growin’ up. I would of done more and enjoyed more moments of my life. Like fishing with my dad or playing with sticks at the play ground with my friends.

I would never want that to end.

I still have fun now. But it is not the same.

I don’t think anything can replace the feeling of being truly carefree and happy like i was as a child. 

no worries and full of life.



2 thoughts on “Life as a child.

  1. I feel the same way. I always spent my childhood trying to be more of an adult. I feel like I spent it wanting to grow up, and didn’t actually enjoy the childhood aspect of it at all. All I can remember from my childhood is breaking a bone, and very faint memories of various things.

    • i feel the same way! childhood should be fun and it should be time for kids to make misteakes and other stuff. not worrying about the future, but it looks quite different to be honest. it’s kind of sad.

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