Dear Heart.

Dear heart,

Why do you still harbor feelings for him?
Please stop…
I’ve already given you good enough reasons to fall out of love…
So why do still insist in being so hopeful & full of affections for him?

He doesn’t like you back as much as you do & I proved it to you.
What we thought was true is an illusion. You fall too easily.
So please…stop hurting…
Your making me sad…
You’ve been hurt too much & you are very frail, & this has probably been one of the most painful..
I’m sorry I’m putting you through this…

But, there will be someone else, I don’t know who or when we’ll find him, but he will fill you with the best kind of love there is that is also accompanied with bliss, certainty, & so many other good feelings that you’ll never hurt again.

So please, say goodbye to the one who’s been residing in you, my heart, for the past couple of months to make room for that “one” we dreamed of for so long.
I’m sad too but, I will keep a part of him that will always have a place within you, my heart.
I can never forget him…but I don’t deserve him….
Even though he has given me so much that he doesn’t know about…
So I hope that he will find happiness also.
He’s still very dear to me.
And that’s why I have to let him go.

Heart, I’m trying to do what’s best for you. Please understand & just let go. I hate feeling you ache…
It’s been really affecting me terribly.
Please be happy again…be patient & be strong….
We’ll find what we’ve longed for soon…I hope.

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