Ignorance and our culture.

I am so disgusted by how ignorant people can be about rape. I am so disgusted by the juveniles in the ohio rape case. I am disgusted by the lack of concern over rapes in india after everything that has happened. I am disgusted by the fact that the news coverage seems to be defending them. You cannot show crying pictures of them. You cannot refer to them as poor kids or star athletes or good students. You sure as hell should not send them to jail only for a year. That is bullshit, and completely unfair. The juveniles cannot just apologize for taking pictures of her while raping her and for urinating on her because where is the apology for raping her? Where is the apology for ruining her life? No one mentioned the victim or even addressed her existence. 

There is a huge, growing rape culture, and some people are so painfully ignorant about it. You cannot joke about this. You cannot act like it will pass over. I will always feel unsafe in this world. I will always be mad until we do something to control this. I refuse to live my life under such controls because of being constantly scared of what could happen to me. What do we have to do to finally allow women to do what they want and wear what they want without having the fear or being raped.

i am disappointed by the ignorance. 

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