The Chair is empty. (The Tiny Story #3)

      A girl sat in a room with an empty chair, pens, and a note book. Her name was Melon, which was an extraordinary for such a cloudy person. Melon was described as plane, and she didn’t care. But, Melon was a quiet girl. She never talked; she never spoke out and never dared. Everyone thought she was quite dim. She was the empty chair at home. Not one person pondered on her existence. It’s just a seat left untouched, but what’s the problem with an empty chair?

Melon was sitting in a room drawing, she didn’t get up, and she didn’t speak hum or sing… she sat. Her pictures were quite extraordinary, compared to her, looking at what she put on that paper made you wonder what was going through her head. Colors flew off the page in all directions, and stories were told at every corner.

As she drew more and more, her mind became a wonder land. She ignored it though, she just didn’t mind. Nothing was odd to her; it was just a small change. Melon looked up from her paper and saw a man sitting in the chair.

“Where did you come from?” she asked not looking at the man’s face.

“I was always her,” he said resting one hand on his chin.

“No you weren’t,” she said setting down the pen, “You just appeared.” Melon hadn’t examined the chair Thorley, but she was for sure it was empty. Unless the man had grown from the size of an ant, there was no man there.

“You’re very dim,” the man said.

“I’ve heard it before,” Mellon snapped. She had already grown annoyed with the man. “Would you mind leaving,” she asked closing the note book.

“Why?” the man said resting his head on the table, “I have fun watching you draw.” Mellon stood up; she did not want the strange man around, but there was nowhere to go. She had escaped the room she dreaded, but was now in a new world, she didn’t know where to go.  Melon looked around but all that was there were trees and shrubs. “Do you need help finding where you’re going?” the man asked.

“Yes, but first, where are we?” Melon jolted.

“A land where only few can go,” He said standing up, “and even fewer can leave.”

“Are you saying I’m trapped?” she asked looking back at her empty chair.

“I don’t’ know,” he said scratching his head, “Maybe we can find out,” the man looked at Melon and held his hand out. She grabbed it cautiously, as if taking one of an old friend.

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