On Writing, and thinking, and life itself.

          What to say when there is so much to say and never enough paper for one to write upon? I can say what is allowed to say but this marvelous contraption that I am so writing upon now allows me to continue my speech, my thought to the point that my fingers are naught but bloodied stubs that at one point resembled fingers. Still I would type on, for my mind does so continue onward. Never allowing me to pause, for the power of thought produced into words it constantly draws. Ever outward and inward like a flux pulse of energy breaking from my mind, I cannot control it once it has left nor would I wish to. It is for all and myself included to interpret, yet none not even I could begin to fathom the heights of which it may go or for that matter the depths from which it hath came. If there is but one thing I can say is that I am forever enraptured by this ability to turn my whirling thoughts into a ever accumulating mess of words upon a paper, that some may gather a meaning from or others may find to complex and thus disregard these writings as the ever onward rantings of a delusional man. To you passerby I say this “Disregard naught this mans thoughts, for in return I do so wish to free your mind to the potentiality of even greater thoughtful thinking itself!”. I wish not to burden you with my thought, no. I wish to free you with my thought, to give you purpose and potential direction in this life with my thought. To allow thus in turn for you to free me with your thought. That we may further and forever enlighten one another through the continuity of time itself and thus benefit one another endlessly. I wish to see you become all that you do so wish to become, not what the others in your life do so wish for you. I wish for you to become all that you do so aspire to become in this life, but further I wish to support you in what you do so choose to do so long as it does not endanger the lives of others including your own. For life is a precious thing; we are given this body, this life to do so with it as we see fit. But should not our purpose, our doings in this life benefit all life itself? To allow the entirety of life to continue thus so living, and changing, and becoming that which it doth so aspire to become? I believe that life should be given a chance. Life should be allowed to live, rather than be snuffed out of existence. Wiped off the face of the earth before ever having a chance to reconcile itself for whatever crimes it may be charged with committing, in this lifetime or another. We so carelessly throw our lives away as if they are nothing, whilst the truth is our lives carry great potential for true greatness with each life we live. We simply must recognize this potential and thus so empower ourselves ever onwards each individually unlocking the door to our minds and in doing so break apart the barriers meant to withhold us from doing so! I yell out into the unknowing dark of life “LET THERE BE LIFE!” That all within the darkness of life may look upon this darkness not in sadness but in great excitement and illumination, and thus so remove the veil of ignorant selfishness and enlighten the world around them that all may see! I give of my thought freely to you dear readers, not in hopes that you will like this or share this or follow me. I give of my thoughts freely for I wish to provoke thoughts within your minds. I wish to ignite with but a spark the entirety of your your mind, that it may turn into an extraordinary blaze of thought that enlightens your very being and all around you.

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