5 Steps to Achieve Happiness

1. You have to let go of all envy and insecurities when it comes to other people. You have to create the mindset that everyone is equally as awesome, despite looks, talent, intelligence and etc. Let go of thinking that other people are better than you and start loving yourself just as you are. 

2. Start believing in yourself. Your achievements are only limited by the amount of effort installed. Have the confidence to accomplish whatever makes you happy. Think of all the things you love and enjoy, and keep doing them. Try not to get intimidated by others. Believe in yourself and have the faith in trusting yourself in being capable of anything.

3. Locate your insecurities and flaws. When you start locating the small things that dissatisfy yourself, you begin to surprisingly love them. That way, when someone else points them out what harm does it have on you? Nothing. 

4. Stay motivated. Create to-do lists and build small personal projects for yourself. It feels good to constantly be working towards something, pushing yourself forward. 

5. Be inspired. Go on the internet, listen to music, watch videos, meet with friends, read blogs, magazines, books, dance, sing, do a sport, go shopping. Or, spend time by yourself to reflect and contemplate. Make yourself busy by doing activities that you enjoy. Fill your life with components that make your life valuable. 

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