I refuse to write a sappy post about the unbalanced inconveniences in my life, and that I am trying my hardest to hold a metaphorical tight fist. It’s true that my expressions show a calm nature, because the world around me is hurricane and I just stand in the middle in the eye of the storm. I’ve have perfected my composure, that I could fool the closest family & friends involved in my life. Though, I am still expressing myself and it’s true opinions, ideologies, and thoughts…I just refuse to wear my heart on my sleeve. I will not share my heart with anyone. You can call it selfish, but I call it safety. 

People just have a hard time understanding that I am perfectly fine alone. Doesn’t mean that I am a recluse and live this dark morbid life in solitude. I have my good friends and I am very close to my family. Happiness for me is created by those individuals; I am truly blessed. My life is carefree and easy for me to handle without the stress of a partner. My friends and family understand my mood swings and know how to work around my flaws. Their support keeps my feet anchored in the ground.

I don’t have the patience and time to deal with men that mess with my heart. All I have ever asked from my partner is honesty, loyalty, respect, communication, and passion. Oh, and also my space when I am having my manic fits. You can’t cage me, and change me. You have to allow me to be the free spirit that I am. Also, I don’t understand how hard it is to meet me 50/50 in a relationship. Sure, it’s work, but if you really care about someone it’s well worth it. I’ve stuck my heart out for a few people that I have dated, so far I wasted my time and they were undeserving. I don’t want to wait around for that right one to find me and actually give me what I ultimately deserve. I’m better off single making my self happy and living a life without my heart being dragged through the mud. How hard is that for anyone to understand?

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