Religion can be good. Religion can be bad. Religion unites. Religion segregates. Religion unites the same type of people but segregates the world. We are already segregated by color, race, gender, income and others. Do we need more?

I think religion is a guideline. It’s supposed to advise us on how to live life not tell us how to live life. There shouldn’t be an ultimatum. Religion is to free yourself not tie you down.

People follow whatever their religion teaches when they are supposed to analyze. Your religion says you can’t take liquor. You don’t take liquor because it’ll be a sin or because you want to go to heaven. You shouldn’t consume liquor because it intoxicates your mind. Religion is supposed to teach you to think not stop you from thinking.

You do charity because you want to go to heaven or because you want to receive good karma. What’s the point? Religion is trying to tell you doing good is good and not threatening you to do good with salvation. Religion can only guide not force.

People abuse religion. People, in the name of religion, do bad things. People of this religion looks down on others of different religions. Humans against humans. Religion is sometimes misinterpreted.

“And no living being on the planet – from monkeys down to parrots – needs Ten Commandments in order to know how to behave. All that it takes for the world to remain in harmony is for each being to follow by the laws of nature.”

Paulo Coelho, from The Witch of Portobello

(Not particularly about Christianity but I came across this while reading a few days ago. This applies to all religions, at least to me.)

No intention was made on purpose to condemn or criticize any particular religion.


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