The afterglow

I watched as the sun set, shadows creeping as the sun prepared to sleep in this part of the world. I watched the skies burn with colors, from azure to a bright orange to a tinge of purple and pink. Everyone was busy. Busy working, busy walking, busy thinking, busy dreaming, busy living their life like they own it. As I behold the beauty of the passing of the light and the coming of the night, people around me hustled and bustled away, tugging with them their luggage of worry, fear, anxiety, disappointment and hopelessness. I hope that they would stop for awhile. To sit with me, to watch with me. As the skies burn aflame and gradually die to midnight blue, as the stars come out to play, as the moon says its hello, as the sun promises for a new day tomorrow, I hope that someone would also realize the mysterious beauty of life. I hope that people would appreciate the simple, beautiful things around them. And that they would appreciate the bad, unfortunate things, too, for out of it surely something comes out nice. They were too consumed by the world today. The customs, the culture, the trends. Everyone was too consumed that they didn’t see the afterglow of the light on their faces, on their shoulders, in their soul. I hope they see the things that I see. What they see was unsightly, but what I see is beauty


You know.

You know,

it’s sad to have to accept certain things as what they are, especially when they are not so good things.

I can say without a doubt that it makes me sad knowing how many people I’ve never met may be struggling with their own things, and even though I’ve never met them, something inside me wishes it can do something to make everyone’s life a little more doable. Yeah not everyone is down in the dumps all the time, but for the people who get caught in ruts here and there, I wish it were my place to do more.

Because nothing gets to me more than watching someone lose control, and hope and then end up in a mess of their own creation, behind walls they may not be able to tear down.

We all want to be safe, and we all want to be acknowledged and even though I’m not the strongest, it makes me stronger to know I must be strong for someone more than myself.

Because if I can help someone, no matter who, if I can make a positive difference in someone’s life, turn them away from the darkness and let the light in, it helps me.

It reminds me that the earth is not a cold dead place.

I want to do so much, but even then things hold me back and sometimes I look around and reach out, and each time I go down, getting up is a little easier and the sting does not stay as long.

I’m just rambling like an idiot at 7AM, but to anyone reading this, if you’re doing well, share the wealth, and if you aspire to adjust your state of being, there are people who want to offer what they can because you are not alone. No one is. Seven billion people, and we all sometimes feel abandoned or alone, but if it counts for anything, ever since i felt it, I couldn’t let myself or anyone around me feel that way.

Relax. Life is good. Just keep breathing. Enjoy your Wednesday 🙂