Review: Fall Out Boy and How They Intend to “Save Rock and Roll”

Review: Fall Out Boy and How They Intend to “Save Rock and Roll”

Generally speaking, when a band mixes up their sound as drastically as Fall Out Boy does in their upcoming “Save Rock ‘n Roll,” it’s met with complaints and accusations of selling out. Bands do it all the time when they … Continue reading

Futuristic or Daydreaming?

We both can’t figure out which is which because we’re confused of what we really want to do in the future. All we know is that all of our dreams will not stay as it is. We’ll study and work hard together.

Ina and I were best friends since fifth grade and we’re both lucky to have each other. I admit that we’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs but it didn’t stop us from putting effort in our friendship. She keeps on reminding me that friendship is something that you put your heart on without expecting to get anything in return.

I’ll be back on track this school year and I’m so excited to shift course. From Bachelor of Arts in Filipino to Mass Communication. Everybody knows how much I love singing, acting, dancing, writing, and browsing random things; which is why I called myself an all around junkie. I appreciate colors more than anyone else but I am not blessed in terms of drawing. On the other hand, Ina will give herself a break from all of the family issues she’s been through. Next year, she’ll study at my university and will take up Bachelor of Science in Legal Management.

My friends and relatives keep on telling me that I should take care of my academics because I am my mom’s heiress of the company. At first I didn’t take it seriously and instead took things light and selfishly. No one can blame me for my parents didn’t have enough time to spend with me alone. But then I realized, there is no one else in this world that my mom could trust aside from me. She may be a strict mentor, but she’s a dedicated woman. All of her employees and trainees love her. She is remarkable and excellent in all aspects. Obviously she wants it perfect not because she’s meticulous but because she’s taking care of the company’s reputation. Once something fails, everything will also fail.

While Ina plans to work under her uncle’s administration at P&G. She told me that she wants to be an event organizer and interior designer, too. She also asked me to be her companion because I have sources when it comes to photographers, videographers, editors, etc., I suggested that we both study professional photography, video editing, and interior designing. We both love to travel so we might as well dwell on to it.

I’m so thankful that God gave me the most beautiful, talented, understanding, and loving best friend. I may have a lot of friends around me, but no one could ever compare to Ina. She’s the best that I got and I have no plans to lose her. 🙂

The afterglow

I watched as the sun set, shadows creeping as the sun prepared to sleep in this part of the world. I watched the skies burn with colors, from azure to a bright orange to a tinge of purple and pink. Everyone was busy. Busy working, busy walking, busy thinking, busy dreaming, busy living their life like they own it. As I behold the beauty of the passing of the light and the coming of the night, people around me hustled and bustled away, tugging with them their luggage of worry, fear, anxiety, disappointment and hopelessness. I hope that they would stop for awhile. To sit with me, to watch with me. As the skies burn aflame and gradually die to midnight blue, as the stars come out to play, as the moon says its hello, as the sun promises for a new day tomorrow, I hope that someone would also realize the mysterious beauty of life. I hope that people would appreciate the simple, beautiful things around them. And that they would appreciate the bad, unfortunate things, too, for out of it surely something comes out nice. They were too consumed by the world today. The customs, the culture, the trends. Everyone was too consumed that they didn’t see the afterglow of the light on their faces, on their shoulders, in their soul. I hope they see the things that I see. What they see was unsightly, but what I see is beauty