Story of an Ugly Girl.

          I was walking in a city street on my way to ride a jeep to church around 6pm. My day was so hectic I was not even from home but from my voice rehearsals which I kinda didn’t finish the whole afternoon session cause of I have other place to go. I even had a hard time to ask an excuse from my voice coach for me to go early, but I really have to go to church. I am quite in a hurry I didn’t bother to tie my hair neatly neither put make up on. I am a mess!

More stressing was my mom is like scolding me on text about her laundry left untidy by my younger sister. And I was really annoyed that even those things have to add on the yet chaotic scene of my life! The very reason of me being upset is that I haven’t decided a song yet for the grand finals of a contest I qualified in. I feel so disorganized, bag on one shoulder, phone on the other hand, messy hair, am very confused I just can imagine how horrible my face looks like.

So I crossed the busy street down to the jeep stop area. Walking through the road shoulder, wearing my black floral dress, unaware of the people around me. All the vehicles near me was on halt since they are waiting for the green light to go. Then I heard a voice saying, “Beautiful lady,” the voice was close I have to turn and found a foreigner motorist on a motorbike smiling at me. A mysterious smile that shows adoration and appreciation and respect rather of the typical malicious compliment of a maniac. I looked at him and was like saying are you referring to me? But before I could say a word he said. “Yeah, you. Yes you are beautiful. I’ve been watching you by there. You are really a very beautiful lady.” He said the words clearly and loudly. I was about to say are you nuts? Are you sure? But the traffic lights turned to green and all I had to say was “THANK YOU.”

I continued my walk and was still quite shocked and unsure of what I’ve heard from the nice man. Then a smile curled up my lips. And when it finally sink into me I just wanna giggle among the crowd! Till the time I arrived at church I still can’t get over with it I was still smiling from ear to ear! Its very flattering, whether the man is joking or whatever. The thing about it was that I am a total mess and you will never expect to hear such nice words only from a random person. 

And the reason why I am blogging this? It is just nice to know that somebody cares to notice you, even from a stranger. It is because I seldom get praises like that because I am ugly. And funny that some people sees you the amazing way you don’t think yourself could be.