Random Thoughts on Music….Why am I Up Doing This?

So people always say “so and so” is the next or this generations ”so and so”. So here are my thoughts on it.

I think Justin Timberlake is this generations Michael Jackson. A lot of people said it was Usher, Chris Brown, or Justin Bieber. Maybe Usher in the 90s/early 2000s, but MJ was still around then so it didn’t matter. Usher would have easily taken his place, but he pretty much fell off after Confessions almost ten years ago. Justin Bieber…well he sucks, so that wouldn’t work. He can’t sing, he is an average dancer at best (his choreography is better than his dancing ability), he doesn’t make good music (no substance, quality, good songwriting), he can barely pass as a singer (stop rapping completely though), and doesn’t make good music videos. I think he is a pop fad that happened to get found on YouTube. And back to how Usher has fallen off, Usher has resorted to musically pimping teenage Canadians (offense to Bieber, not Canadians). Chris Brown could have been the one, but he fell off too. He doesn’t make quality music, his music videos aren’t that good and rely on special effects, his voice is okay, he has no character, and he is a angry, egotistical woman beater. Yes, he can dance; but he doesn’t have the smooth execution of MJ. The choreo is great, but he is so spastic and untrained. Plus he doesn’t do anything different. MJ did tap, jazz, theater, hip hop, etc. CB just flips, grinds, do MJ moves, and hip hop. Justin Timberlake on the other hand is dope! Although he has only put out three solo albums, they’re classic (minus Justified although Cry Me A River is classic). He’s a great dancer, songwriter, singer, performer, actor, producer, and his music is innovative. He definitely has the Michael Jackson-Quincy Jones relationship with Timbaland. Plus, like Mike, he broke out of the boy band and became a solo star. So I think the current prince of pop, JT, is the next king of pop.

When it comes to Janet Jackson, this is a little harder. I think the next Janet would have been Aaliyah. She was cool, hip, made quality music, her Jimmy Jam-Terry Luis was Timbaland, she changed the game with her look and sound, was stylish, danced, dope videos, all of that. But unfortunately, she passed at the age of 22 over ten years ago. So who would be next? Well I think Ciara and Rihanna are contenders for the new Janet, maybe even new Aaliyah. Ciara is one of the greatest dancers of all time like Janet, she is an amazing performer, has her own style, and is clearly influenced by Aaliyah’s tomboy style. I think Ciara is more Michael Jackson than even Chris Brown. But she isn’t edgy or successful like Aaliyah or Janet Jackson. Rihanna on the other hand is sexual, edgy, badass, has dope videos, crazy style, can do multiple genres and fashions/looks, and is one of the biggest selling artists of all time. Only thing with Rihanna is she isn’t much of a performer, live singer, or dancer. So I think if Rihanna and Ciara were combined into one artist, you’d have this generations Janet Jackson and Aaliyah. Aaliyah will always be the princess of R&B, while Janet I think is the queen of pop/R&B (forget Madonna) Rihanna is definitely one of the new princesses of pop. Ciara is the princess of crunk, or whatever.

Lastly (because this is pathetic and I’m tired), I think Beyonce is the new Diana Ross/Tina Turner. She started off leading Destiny’s Child like Diana Ross led The Supremes. Then she broke out and had a successful solo career, like Diana Ross. But she was still too safe and clean cut between her first two albums. Then she released I Am…Sasha Fierce and let loose! She became a beast of a performer! Just like Tina Turner. She went from nice R&B and pop, and started including rock, acoustic, soul, and more tribal African music into her sound with her latest two albums – very Tina Turner ish. She is the best performer of our time hands down. It’s her new, crazy stage presence that makes her the new Tina Turner. She’s the diva of pop/r&B.

Aaliyah, Rihanna, Ciara, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Usher, and Justin Timberlake are all iconic in their own rights. They’re going to be/are legendary (well we’ll see about Ciara since her career has been diminishing over the years unfortunately and undeservedly). I think other potential/current icons of this time (after the year 2000) in their own ways include Destiny’s Child, Maroon 5, Kendrick Lamar, OutKast, Andre 3000, Adam Levine, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Adele, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Pink, Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, Janelle Monae, The Black Eyed Peas (although I hate will.i.am.), Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, ….I’m getting tired of listing people. You get the picture.

These are just my random, sleepy thoughts. Music overall has greatly deteriorated since about 2005.




Religion can be good. Religion can be bad. Religion unites. Religion segregates. Religion unites the same type of people but segregates the world. We are already segregated by color, race, gender, income and others. Do we need more?

I think religion is a guideline. It’s supposed to advise us on how to live life not tell us how to live life. There shouldn’t be an ultimatum. Religion is to free yourself not tie you down.

People follow whatever their religion teaches when they are supposed to analyze. Your religion says you can’t take liquor. You don’t take liquor because it’ll be a sin or because you want to go to heaven. You shouldn’t consume liquor because it intoxicates your mind. Religion is supposed to teach you to think not stop you from thinking.

You do charity because you want to go to heaven or because you want to receive good karma. What’s the point? Religion is trying to tell you doing good is good and not threatening you to do good with salvation. Religion can only guide not force.

People abuse religion. People, in the name of religion, do bad things. People of this religion looks down on others of different religions. Humans against humans. Religion is sometimes misinterpreted.

“And no living being on the planet – from monkeys down to parrots – needs Ten Commandments in order to know how to behave. All that it takes for the world to remain in harmony is for each being to follow by the laws of nature.”

Paulo Coelho, from The Witch of Portobello

(Not particularly about Christianity but I came across this while reading a few days ago. This applies to all religions, at least to me.)

No intention was made on purpose to condemn or criticize any particular religion.

You know.

You know,

it’s sad to have to accept certain things as what they are, especially when they are not so good things.

I can say without a doubt that it makes me sad knowing how many people I’ve never met may be struggling with their own things, and even though I’ve never met them, something inside me wishes it can do something to make everyone’s life a little more doable. Yeah not everyone is down in the dumps all the time, but for the people who get caught in ruts here and there, I wish it were my place to do more.

Because nothing gets to me more than watching someone lose control, and hope and then end up in a mess of their own creation, behind walls they may not be able to tear down.

We all want to be safe, and we all want to be acknowledged and even though I’m not the strongest, it makes me stronger to know I must be strong for someone more than myself.

Because if I can help someone, no matter who, if I can make a positive difference in someone’s life, turn them away from the darkness and let the light in, it helps me.

It reminds me that the earth is not a cold dead place.

I want to do so much, but even then things hold me back and sometimes I look around and reach out, and each time I go down, getting up is a little easier and the sting does not stay as long.

I’m just rambling like an idiot at 7AM, but to anyone reading this, if you’re doing well, share the wealth, and if you aspire to adjust your state of being, there are people who want to offer what they can because you are not alone. No one is. Seven billion people, and we all sometimes feel abandoned or alone, but if it counts for anything, ever since i felt it, I couldn’t let myself or anyone around me feel that way.

Relax. Life is good. Just keep breathing. Enjoy your Wednesday 🙂


What Is The Value of Philosophy?

To understand the value of philosophy is to also discover it’s meaning. Philosophy, as a constant, is how one lives life. It is the active force that leads us into every decision. Whether it’s acknowledged or not, every one lives with, and by, a philosophy. Its value is itself in that it provides the principles and knowledge that everyone has obtained and is influenced by. Although this is what philosophy is defined as, the underlying infinitive of the word is to think. Thinkingis unquestionably the most thrilling aspect of being alive, and should be an immensely valuable feature to everyone’s time spent here. Whether it’s the questions we’re constantly asking, the meaning we apply to ourselves, or the opinions we generate, thought surrounds us everyday and is constantly changing.

It’s unknown to us all what the greater significance of being able to think is; are we collectively conscious of each other all the time? Do we have two consciousnesses, one that provides the current intuition we are formulating now and the other connected by a universal energy? Is consciousness an illusion all together in itself? Is there meaning to any of our thoughts? Or are we all just mentally precocious organisms that are constantly tortured with ideas that routinely throw us off from realizing that the mere purpose of living as an animal is to survive?

Valuing philosophy to me, as a process, is what reminds me to maintain unique purpose in my life and to recognize the ultimate truth about my existence, and its limits. The reality that is prevailing for me is equally fascinating and terrifying, but to be reminded of its presence is essential to keeping composure. It’s necessary for me to ask questions often, but to not dwell on what I can’t answer in this form. Life is a unique experience and too many of us live it by forgetting this truth often. We exist somehow amidst the vast complexity of the universe, assembled by elements and between mysterious dimensions. Somehow we thrive on a planet that is small and lonely yet so lush and voluminous; how can this not be absolutely astonishing? Time is continuously pushing forward, never pausing, evolution persisting all the while – and so our existence is limited, accordingly. Even with only so much possible to achieve while we are breathing, we need to continuously push ourselves so that we can experience more than we feel capable of. It’s not morbid to live with the knowledge that dying is inevitable, so I personally try to graciously remind myself of this fact, so that I can more often appreciate the time I’ve been given to exist.

In comparison to this personal mantra I’ve elaborated on, our philosophy class has recently been discussing the idea that humans are the virus of the earth – something prompted by the movie The Matrix (directed by the Wachowski Brothers), and something that has especially caught my attention. Unfortunately, I must admit that as I first contemplated this idea, I tended to agree with this claim almost entirely. As a species, human beings have evolved into a civilization that ultimately desires destroying all pain, while at the same time creating it, and ignoring it. We have mostly eradicated natural selection, we’ve created a society with patterns, morals, general opinions, and rigid laws; we follow leaders we don’t have good reason to trust other than for security, and base our most intimate desires on the general ambitions of others and of those before us – paths that do not fail, or succeed, but merely get us by in life before we are dead – there isn’t such a thing as thinking for ourselves anymore, it’s all a community effort to decide what’s seemingly best for someone. Along with the remark agent Smith makes in the movie about humans not being mammals, but simply viruses, is actually true by definition – at least by the definition we’ve created in our own languages. Biologically we are mammals, but we don’t adapt to the environment like typical mammals do, we spread. We take, destroy, multiply, and focus on the immediate, egotistical self that is the shell of all of us, rather than the one self that is within. We do not want to feel any pain. Our life aspirations are geared toward receiving worldly possessions, and in return we lose purpose as a part of the planet, and forget about our fundamental needs. The natural urge of the present is to lie, cheat and steal. With all this said, it’s hard to say that none of this is true about the established human that’s prominent in today’s world. But again, although this was all my initial reflection on this concept, I still feel a lingering optimism for the world – as much as it may seem civilization, as we know it, could crumble entirely at any given time.

Despite how corrupt our natural world has become, and despite how dishonest the structure of our communities seem sometimes, there’s tiny glimmers of a better part of us all that is revealed at times. Sometimes we have to search for these fleeting traces of good-heartedness, but can make all the difference in a day and even grow into a significant amount of hope. This too connects back to what originally was mentioned; we simply exist, is that not an astonishing experience as is? In spite of so many impurities, human beings are capable of valuable acts such as forgiving, accepting, helping, balancing, understanding, imagining, and changing – whether or not we’ve previously judged that the recipient of our kind deeds deserve them – are all major feats that seem so simple and petty that they could not possibly have a dominating effect on the betterment of another spirit or community.

In my own experience on the earth, I’ve learned to accept feeling numbed by the monotony of everyday life so often that I can certainly guarantee now, with all my power and reinforced by all the knowledge that I’ve acquired, that all of these small actions actually can make all the difference in the life which surrounds us, and we’re a part of. On my worst days, it’s been the smallest efforts and reminders amidst me that have kept me held together for just a little while longer. Even behind the opportunities to have conversations with people I care about, or feeling welcomed in the life of someone else, there’s also always the humblest of things others do that keep me hopeful. No matter how spiritual any of us are, it’s important to realize this universal truth; we are literally all one consciousness that everything exists from. There is this dimension of reality where we are all inseparably one. Separation is merely an illusion – and when we feel love in any form, it has the ability to shatter that illusion. It is important to make life about realizing that we are the universal spirit observing from a particular point of view – (this is actually what is known as enlightenment). We have to make it a point to achieve empathy and compassion with as many others as we can in this time, because in the end, our relationships with others defines who we are – the soul is the reflection of all other souls. We must treat others as we would treat ourselves, and love them accordingly.

To quote philosopher Bertrand Russell in his work ‘The Value of Philosophy’, “Philosophy, though unable to tell us with certainty what is the true answer to the doubts which is raises, is able to suggest many possibilities which enlarge our thoughts and free them from the tyranny of custom.” Philosophy is not transient; it is evolving and working to its greatest potentials as we make it a real process. The value of its nature is not to find the answers to anything; it is to simply evaluate the questions we are asking, and to discover meanings within those questions, which can alter the lifestyle of those who ask them, in a beneficial way.

We are the products of immense intelligence, lost in a world that is absorbing the expandability of the thoughts created by the average thinker. But there’s hope in myself based on the life I am currently experiencing in this earthly vessel, that there is an empathetic part of us all that can spark a new beginning, on any scale, at any time. We are each a separate viewpoint from the same questions being asked, and that’s why I know deep in myself that there’s so much potential to exist among compassionate beings who equally share the same healthy organic world, and likewise look after it with continuous organization. The value of philosophy is to gain wisdom from the questions we ask. Therefore, it is important to ask questions – not for the answers, but to explore the pristine consciousness that is uncovered when asking the same questions that we all likewise wonder about at one point or another in our lives. We are all breathing the same air, craving the answers to the same uncertainties, all while alive in the same plane of existence as each other – and to me, that is beauty enough in itself.


i always compare people to my friends at home. don’t get me wrong, i appreciate everything my friends here have for me and i was love them forever for that; but when you’re spent 7 years with the exact same group of friends it’s hard not to compare. i always wish i was back with them and i was tell people that they’re the ones who get who i really am. but then i facetime a bunch of them tonight while they’re getting ready and i can feel something’s changed. it started with them listening to a completely different type of music to what they used to, then with them having different sayings and conversation topics. i couldn’t help but wonder what they must think of me now? do they think i’ve changed? they didn’t even speak to me for half the time i was on, and sat listening to their conversations. i guess i just thought that time would stand still while i was gone, that they wouldn’t grow up… but they have and now i’m scared that they won’t like me, because i truly haven’t grown up that much. if anything, i feel i’ve just gone backwards. my mind’s a mess. i don’t know who i actually am anymore. 

5 Steps to Achieve Happiness

1. You have to let go of all envy and insecurities when it comes to other people. You have to create the mindset that everyone is equally as awesome, despite looks, talent, intelligence and etc. Let go of thinking that other people are better than you and start loving yourself just as you are. 

2. Start believing in yourself. Your achievements are only limited by the amount of effort installed. Have the confidence to accomplish whatever makes you happy. Think of all the things you love and enjoy, and keep doing them. Try not to get intimidated by others. Believe in yourself and have the faith in trusting yourself in being capable of anything.

3. Locate your insecurities and flaws. When you start locating the small things that dissatisfy yourself, you begin to surprisingly love them. That way, when someone else points them out what harm does it have on you? Nothing. 

4. Stay motivated. Create to-do lists and build small personal projects for yourself. It feels good to constantly be working towards something, pushing yourself forward. 

5. Be inspired. Go on the internet, listen to music, watch videos, meet with friends, read blogs, magazines, books, dance, sing, do a sport, go shopping. Or, spend time by yourself to reflect and contemplate. Make yourself busy by doing activities that you enjoy. Fill your life with components that make your life valuable. 

On Writing, and thinking, and life itself.

          What to say when there is so much to say and never enough paper for one to write upon? I can say what is allowed to say but this marvelous contraption that I am so writing upon now allows me to continue my speech, my thought to the point that my fingers are naught but bloodied stubs that at one point resembled fingers. Still I would type on, for my mind does so continue onward. Never allowing me to pause, for the power of thought produced into words it constantly draws. Ever outward and inward like a flux pulse of energy breaking from my mind, I cannot control it once it has left nor would I wish to. It is for all and myself included to interpret, yet none not even I could begin to fathom the heights of which it may go or for that matter the depths from which it hath came. If there is but one thing I can say is that I am forever enraptured by this ability to turn my whirling thoughts into a ever accumulating mess of words upon a paper, that some may gather a meaning from or others may find to complex and thus disregard these writings as the ever onward rantings of a delusional man. To you passerby I say this “Disregard naught this mans thoughts, for in return I do so wish to free your mind to the potentiality of even greater thoughtful thinking itself!”. I wish not to burden you with my thought, no. I wish to free you with my thought, to give you purpose and potential direction in this life with my thought. To allow thus in turn for you to free me with your thought. That we may further and forever enlighten one another through the continuity of time itself and thus benefit one another endlessly. I wish to see you become all that you do so wish to become, not what the others in your life do so wish for you. I wish for you to become all that you do so aspire to become in this life, but further I wish to support you in what you do so choose to do so long as it does not endanger the lives of others including your own. For life is a precious thing; we are given this body, this life to do so with it as we see fit. But should not our purpose, our doings in this life benefit all life itself? To allow the entirety of life to continue thus so living, and changing, and becoming that which it doth so aspire to become? I believe that life should be given a chance. Life should be allowed to live, rather than be snuffed out of existence. Wiped off the face of the earth before ever having a chance to reconcile itself for whatever crimes it may be charged with committing, in this lifetime or another. We so carelessly throw our lives away as if they are nothing, whilst the truth is our lives carry great potential for true greatness with each life we live. We simply must recognize this potential and thus so empower ourselves ever onwards each individually unlocking the door to our minds and in doing so break apart the barriers meant to withhold us from doing so! I yell out into the unknowing dark of life “LET THERE BE LIFE!” That all within the darkness of life may look upon this darkness not in sadness but in great excitement and illumination, and thus so remove the veil of ignorant selfishness and enlighten the world around them that all may see! I give of my thought freely to you dear readers, not in hopes that you will like this or share this or follow me. I give of my thoughts freely for I wish to provoke thoughts within your minds. I wish to ignite with but a spark the entirety of your your mind, that it may turn into an extraordinary blaze of thought that enlightens your very being and all around you.